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Welcome to Holstead Farms

Your Local Source of Seasonally

Fresh Produce, Cut Flowers and Herbs

Here at Holstead Farms our goal is to provide quality produce grown, in a chemically free environment, using the riches of the soil. All of our products begin as a seed, planted in premium soil, and then transplanted. We know all that has been involved with the growth of each one, and take care with each plant from germination to your home.

Holstead Farms is a family operation, where we work together to provide our local community top quality Produce, Cut Flowers and Herbs. With the nature of farming, things come and grow- check back to see what is fresh and available. Or join our e-mail list and you will be the first to know when our crops are ready.

Thank you for supporting local!

Matt and Amanda Hol

& family

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Holstead Farms

80 Etter Ridge Rd

Aulac, NB


Thursday 1pm-6pm

Saturday  1pm-6pm

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