Our Holstead Story

Holstead Farms began as an idea from our urban backyard in the Fall of 2019.

As a Family we started with one crop of Basil, which we grew from seed, and dried for our own kitchen use. From there we began dreaming of what we could do in a roughly 250 square foot garden space. After researching, we fell in love with the idea of four season harvesting. We then purchased a small cold frame and seeds to start growing for the Spring of 2020. This quickly became a family project as each of our kids wanted to be a part of the growing process. When posting to social media we invited others to follow us as we tried our hands at "Holsteading".

That year our family grew a variety of tomatoes, peppers, lettuces and herbs, as well as beans, onions, carrots and flowers. For the entire season we were able to feed our family and share the fruits of our labour with friends and family. We really enjoyed growing food and flowers for others, and wanted to take this venture to a bigger property in order to provide our products to a larger community. In Decmeber of 2020, we moved to Aulac, New Brunswick, to begin "Holstead Farms." With our limited experience and knowledge we are beginning to grow, with the hopes of providing Fresh Produce, Cut Flowers and Herbs for our New Brunswick community.

We look forward to bringing our products into your homes. Thank you for your support.