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Holstead Farm Share

Farm Shares, Subscriptions, CSA's or Produce Farm Packs, are all different ways of saying the same thing. You, as an investor in our farm, are providing us the opportunity to cover costs for our 2023 growing season. In return, you receive weekly Produce Packs or Bouquets created uniquely for you. Purchasing a Pack or Subscription will also give each of us the opportunity to connect with eachother. We will begin a relationship that brings farm goods not from a farm to  a consumer, but instead from our home to yours.


In the previous two seasons we at Holstead Farms have offered Produce Packs in the middle of our growing season. This year we want to provide both Produce and Flowers on a weekly basis to families. New to 2023 our Produce Pack has been changed to Produce Farm Pack. We have made this minor change as we are officially adding seasonally available choices of eggs, meat, baked goods and canned goods as options throughout the season.


We greatly appreciate the support that we have received and hope that we can proudly bring our products from our home to yours in 2023.

Purchase below one or more of our 2023 Farm Shares 

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