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Hurry Up and Wait

I was recently asked by a family member how the growing was going. I had shared with them that our herbs were ready to be sold, and that we had more on the way. I mentioned our tomato seedlings that have begun as well as our peppers, that will be ready to be planted in a month or so, and the 1000's of seeds that will be looking for a place in the Cold Frame and Greenhouse within the next couple of months.

However, in order to build these structures, we need to wait for the weather to be conducive to place the plastic on the structures and pour the concrete. We are also waiting for our two wheel tractor to arrive to break ground and to till

the soil. I said I really feel like we are in the "Hurry Up and Wait" stage. We have to keep our thoughts on future crops, wait for our next crop, and tend our current crops, while waiting for a place to transport them in, to be ready.

This stage of the process is really difficult for me. Seeing the growing plan Matt has worked hard to organize, however we cannot put all of it into fruition until the structures are built. Yet knowing we need to plant the seeds whether or not we are ready for them, otherwise when we are ready, there won't be any plants. So we are trusting in the process and knowing that by moving forward, doing the next right thing, even if it feels like it is going to squeeze every bit of room we have left, can be a blessing too. We will plant the seeds, construct what we can, and continue to plan for what's to come.

This time, as stressful as it feels, has given us time to create, dream and change our original layout plan of our farm. We feel content with what we have been able to do, and have joy in knowing we have begun, and in some ways are well on our way.

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