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"12 in 12" January- Winter's Arrival

January began with a big snow storm. The kids were so excited to see so much snow and to be able to toboggan on our own property!

We continued getting out regularly for walks, but now we were able to walk along our road. Walking on a country road took a bit of getting used to, but both the kids and the dog loved to join me. A favourite place to pause was at the bridge over the Trans Canada so the kids could see how many trucks would honk as they drove by.

School started back up, and so we settled into a new homeschool routine. We spent time with friends virtually and continued learning where we left off. We had hoped to meet fellow homeschoolers here, but unfortunately restrictions made that difficult. We learned to adapt and took the opportunity to get ahead in the book work so once the restrictions lifted we could get out and meet others, or do indoor activities.

Tighter restrictions happened within the first week we were out of Isolation. This limited what we could do off of our property. Once again we made the best of it. It wasn't long before we explored our part of the province. We went for many wintry drives and found some beautiful trails. We learned trail etiquette when it comes to cross country skiing and snowshoeing. One park even had a sledding hill! Another old favourite, "Fort Beausejour", also had amazing hills to enjoy sledding.

We would have loved to see Nova Scotia and PEI as both provinces are not far from us, however, the provincial borders were still closed. We did drive as close to PEI as we could and spent some time enjoying Cape Jourimain in the winter.

Spending so much time outdoors was really great for us, and we learned to embrace winter here in the Maritimes. Often I would find myself amazed at the beauty of the snow, and would catch myself saying yet again "I feel like we are driving in a Christmas Card". I wondered if the sight would get old, and it hasn't yet. Another sight I did not tire of was the beautiful sunsets. Shorter days meant many walks and drives at dusk. The beauty of each sunset did not go unnoticed. There is something about New Brunswick's sky.

I am thankful the weather was as beautiful as it was. January can feel lonely and the shorter days make it harder to stay motivated. We were able to combat the winter blues and see so many new places. The kids continued to make the best of it, and we tried to offer opportunities to enjoy New Brunswick. Tighter restrictions within the first week of "freedom" was very deflating, but we searched for things to do to keep our days busy.

We continued to dream and plan for our future here at Holstead Farms, and what we hoped to grow on our farm. We ordered seeds and registered our business. We marveled at the Eagles

living on the hydro tower behind our property, and watched the birds at our feeder through our living room window. Renovations also continued in the garage and the house. We learned new skills and developed old ones. All the while continuing to nurture our family and grow in grace as we each dealt with moving and the restrictions differently. At the end of the day we knew we had each other and support from friends and family, near and far, and the desire to be a part of this community. That seemed to make all the difference.

We ended January having a family movie night with "Holac" Pizza, looking forward with hopeful anticipation to what February would bring.

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